Tuesday, May 27, 2008

She's Got the Moves!

Sweet little "Baby T" is getting the reputation of being a mover and a shaker!  The past several days have brought a HUGE increase in kicks and twists and tiny little punches.  No mistaking she's on the move.  And, to Eric's great excitement, he was able to feel her little acrobatics on Saturday morning.  She is usually moving around when I first wake up in the morning, so I've been urging Eric to try and feel her.  As he feels around, I kept saying, "Did you feel that?...How about that one?"  Finally on Saturday, he could feel the faintest little nudge.  Since then he's felt her a few more times.  The kicks are getting strong enough that sometimes they will stop me in my tracks.  Yesterday in the mall, one kick made it all the way to my belly button and almost tickled!  

Many of you have told us this, but we agree that there is nothing better than this feeling.  No doubt it - she's got moves!

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Mary said...

I am so very excited for you both and cannot wait to meet lil T in October!!! Take care!