Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth! (And 9 Months)

We took our first road trip with Emma this weekend to visit our good friends Jennifer and Tim and their boys Jaden and Dillon, who live in the mountains of North Carolina near where I went to college. We had a BLAST! Emma did wonderfully, other than keeping her serious face on almost the whole weekend (she does that lately with new people, situations, etc.) . Friday was also her 9 month birthday. Here are some photos from this great vacation. They are kind of out of order - but you'll get the idea.

Emma and Dillon - Cute couple, right? :)

With Jen's dad Scott, giving her serious face.

Naked baby picture. I could not help myself.

She wasn't sure about the pool at first!

Decided she likes it!
Super cute in her swim suit!

Watching fireworks with Dad...she seemed interested, but was not scared or anything!

Eric, Emma and Jaden.

Notice the coat. It was chilly in the mountains at night!

With "Aunt" Jen.

With "Uncle" Tim.

Emma's first road trip - AND Happy 9 Month Birtday!