Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Halfway There!

It's hard to believe, but we've made it halfway there - 20 weeks!  Wow, time sure is flying by.  I've posted a picture so you can keep up with the growing process,  but I don't see much difference.  I do, however, feel more and more pregnant each day.  I went to an arts festival over the weekend with Cyndi and a friend...walking around all day is getting harder.  And the funnel cake tasted better than ever. :)  If the scales at home are correct, I don't think I've gained any more weight, but we'll see at next appointment on June 3.

The biggest change lately is how much she is moving around.  It still feels like a gold fish swimming around, but more noticeable.  She likes to move mostly at night when I'm sitting around and relaxing.  Every once and a while she gives me a pretty decent "Hey Mom, I'm down here!" bump.  It's such an indescribably awesome feeling.  Eric can't wait to feel the kicks, too.

So, at the halfway point, all is well.  Feeling great and loving being pregnant.  Thanks for all the prayers and support.  Love you all!  


Anonymous said...

Not too much difference on the outside, but lots of changes in the inside, I'm sure. You look beautiful!!!

Love you, Eric and Baby T


Lisa said...

Tim was so jealous for awhile when I could feel Eli moving but he couldn't. :) I still remember the first time he felt him move--what a special experience for both of us! I know Eric is so excited...hard to be patient!