Monday, August 24, 2009

Promised Pictures (One Week Late)

Want some more adorable pictures like this one with Emma and Daddy sharing a sweet moment?  Sorry they're a week late.  Can I claim being a full-time working mom?!  Anyway, here they forewarned: She's getting cuter by the minute.  :)  *PS, I hope to post some videos next!

In her first pair of sneakers yesterday!  She doesn't look too impressed, huh?

Our FEARLESS child falling off her folded-up seat,
which she had been climbing on like a little monkey up a tree!

This was about 5 minutes into her first taste of Jell-O!

How are we supposed to resist this sort of cuteness?!

Getting good at making messes.

Proud of herself!

Got into Daddy's ties...and thought it was so funny!

My sweet, sweet girl.  Oh my.

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