Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh My Goodness

Before everyone croaks, I promise to have some new photos posted over the weekend.  You won't believe everything.  

NEWS FLASH #1:  Emma is walking.
That's right, folks.  At about nine and a half months old she took her first step.  Now at over 10 months old, the kid never stops.  seriously.  never.  If she's awake, she's moving.  Hmm...takes after her dad, I believe.  I hope to get a video posted of that this weekend, too.

NEWS FLASH #2:  Emma has more teeth.
After much hard labor, whining, drooling and general fussiness over the past few weeks, Emma has broken her top two teeth.  Oh, and SHE was in no great mood either.  They were a tough few weeks, but she was a trooper and we got through it.  Such a tough kid.  The teeth are not all the way down yet, but finally have broken the skin.  Four down, too many more to go.

NEWS FLASH #3:  Emma laughs...and laughs...and laughs.
seriously.  again.  the little stand-up/walking comic spends *most* of her waking moments giggling, laughing, and sometimes all out belly laughing -- at herself.  That's right, ladies and gentlemen.  She thinks she is funny stuff.  It's so cute, and makes us laugh, but she'll laugh at herself eating, walking, dancing, etc.  That brings me to...

NEWS FLASH #4:  Emma likes to boogie.
It's really a new style of dance she's's all the rage in our house.  You can join in, too.  Here's a few easy to follow steps.  1) stand bowlegged holding on to something for support; 2) shake head vigorously from side to side, like a dog shaking off after a swim; 3) bounce while bending at the knees ever so slightly until you... 4) start laughing so hard you plop down on your behind.  Tip: step four is easier when wearing a padded diaper.

And finally,
NEWS FLASH #5:  Emma is getting married.
Well, not quite.  But today at work (the church) I came across a roster for the one-year-olds class and saw Emma's name at the bottom.  She's officially part of her first "class"...which means she might as well be starting school...ergo she might as well be driving...meaning she's all but married and out of the house.  Oh dear me.

So, there's your up-to-the-minute updates on Miss Emma.  Plans are feverishly in the works for Birthday Bash '09 - so watch for details coming soon.  And, as promised, I'll work on those photos and video ASAP.


Jennifer and Carlos said...

I cant wait to see the pics!!!

The Masked Mommy said...

Just checking out some of my awesome super-follower sidekicks ;-)

Your daughter is absolutely adorable! It's so much fun when they're learning to walk... although the teeth thing is not fun. Love the pictures from the previous post! I love me some cute baby pictures! :-)