Thursday, June 4, 2009

8 Months and Counting (THIS IS LONG!)

It's hard to believe, but our little girl is 8 months old.  Wow, where has the time gone?  Now we are waiting for baby Grayson's arrival (my sister's first baby) just next week.  There's a lot to update you on Emma.  Hang on, here we go!  

She's still battling ear infections. This last round had a sore throat thrown in for fun...and when I say fun I mean torture - for us all.  She's much better now, but we've got to get these ears under control.  Tubes are in the future, but Dr. O'Kelley would like to see how the summer goes first.

We've got two BIG NEWS items.  First, Emma is the proud owner of two brand new pearly whites!  She's worked so hard for them and now two little teeth have finally poked out...her bottom center teeth.  So fun and it makes her look like such a little girl. (Kind of sad for mom.)

Secondly, Emma is now independently mobile.  That's right...we've got a crawler.  And let me tell you, if she's awake, she's on the move!  The kid is amazing.  And, to add to the festivities, little miss over-achiever is now also standing.  I think she just might walk early like I did (9 months).  

And finally, here are some recent pictures (the one standing up was just taken tonight).  I like to call the following "8 Months at a Glance."

If you look real close at this one, you can see a tooth (click on picture to make bigger).

This is her far-away-look model pose. :)

Doesn't this face just make you smile?

This was at the doctor's over the weekend...she's a trooper, isn't she?

Her new friend, Grandpa Sid. A friend from church.

Look at this big girl standing!

Not sure what she was thinking here...but a cute nakey-baby picture!

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Jason & Nikki Jimenez said...

Oh Teresa she is getting so big! She is beautiful :) Thanks for sharing these!