Saturday, February 28, 2009

Five Months (Almost)

Here is Emma at almost five months old (in nearly two days). This has been a great few weeks of firsts. First meal of cereal with a spoon sitting in her big-girl high chair...first time rolling over...first time pulling mommy's hair (ha!)....and first time SITTING UP, as you'll see in plenty of the pictures below. Wonder what this next month will hold. The pictures are all in random order....just a bunch for you to enjoy!

Playing with one of her favorite toys.
With Molly at daycare.
Learning to play nicely with others...even if they're stuffed.With Aunt CyndiSitting Pretty all by herself!!!Petting the cat for the first time - only a little fur pulling.Sweet reflection...Sitting in big-girl high chair for the first time.Just plain cute...looking very "big girl."

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Jennifer and Carlos said...

She's ADORABLE!!!!!! Look at her sit up all by herself! She's such a big girl.