Saturday, February 7, 2009

4 Months Old!!! (and lots of pics)

I am ashamed that it's been almost a month since I've posted ANYTHING! Time just flies by and I'm always so busy now. Being a mom means very few free minutes! Anyway, Emma is now FOUR MONTHS OLD and growing like a weed. Her check up on Friday went well. She is just over 24 inches long, and 12lbs 10oz! Still looks pretty petite.

She is now playing with toys on her own pretty well, almost sitting up, grabbing her feet all the time, and DROOLING like crazy! She makes all sort of noises like she's talking to us, chuckles like an old man, and cuts her eyes over like a flirt when you talk sweet to her. She's such a stinker!

She's doing great at daycare, but has spent a few weeks sick from the other kids. A stomach bug went around and she caught it - which was not fun. Then as soon as she got over that, her snotty nose and cough came back. We'll be SO glad when Spring is here to stay (and the warmer weather!).

Here are several photos of our big little girl!

All smiles! She is the absolute cutest kid ever.
With our wonderful friends, Judy and Rick.

Enjoying a moment with Rick:
More smiles while playing:
With dad during a Tarheel game:
Standing up to cheer!
Sitting in the kitchen in her very cool seat, while mom and dad cook dinner.
Napping (SO SUPER ADORABLE!) with a blanket Eric's grandpa's wife made.


Jason & Nikki Jimenez said...

Oh Teresa she is just beautiful! Thanks for the update and the new pics, I love keeping up with you guys and hope you're all doing well :)

Jennifer and Carlos said...

Look at that adorable smile and those cheeks!!!!