Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Under the Weather...

I regret to inform you that 2/3 of the Tysinger household are under the weather. Poor miss Emma has developed a snotty nose and a tiny cough. And I've been battling a nasty stomach bug the past day or so. I'm getting better, I think, but according to the pediatrician, Emma might hold on to this tiny cold for a few weeks. He checked her out really good today and feels that it's nothing serious. No fever or congestion in the chest.

Let me tell you, as a momma, it breaks my heart to think of Emma being sick so soon. She does not act like she feels badly, so that's a blessing. But when she wakes up from naps she sounds just pitiful trying to breath through all that snot! We've been instructed to give her saline drops in the nose and suck out the boogies (gross, I know), use a humidifier, and let her sleep in her car seat to so she doesn't get too congested lying flat. Hopefully within a week or two she'll be back to normal.

We'd appreciate prayers...that Emma doesn't get worse before she gets better. That I continue to bounce back. That Eric doesn't catch anything. And that Eric doesn't loose his mind taking care of his girls. Have I mentioned lately that he'll be winning the Best Husband of the Year award? :)

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Jason & Nikki Jimenez said...

Oh no! You and Emma are not allowed to be sick! Take care, rest lots and feel much better soon ok?? :)