Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Last Vacation As a Family of Two

We are spending this week at the beach...our last vacation as a family of two. We had planned to go to New York City, but found out at the last minute that the apartment we were going to use (a friend of Eric's) does not have air conditioning. Not a good plan for a 7-month pregnant woman who needs naps and cooling off periodically. So, we made some last minute arrangements and have had a VERY relaxing time at North Myrtle Beach. So far, we've had some great meals, some great alone time, some great walks on the beach...and I've had some GREAT naps. :) The little chickie has been moving a bunch, so I can only assume she can tell how relaxed mommy is. I've posted a picture taken on our balcony...30 weeks TODAY!


MrsMoma said...

How fun!! I hope you're enjoying yourself and not getting to hot..blah!

btw: I swear I have a picture of me identical to this when I was at a hotel in Galveston waiting on our cruise ship to dock in 03. LOL! Random..

Mindy said...

A "babymoon" is a great idea! Sounds like you're having fun!


LaFamiliaJimenez said...

You look amazing! I can't believe you are 30 weeks already- your baby girl will be here soon! Hope you had a great vacation weekend :) I'm going to email soon!