Monday, June 30, 2008

Our First Baby Shower

Today, my co-workers at the church threw us our first baby shower.  It was SO much fun!  We played a cute game of "guess the baby food" which had everyone guessing the flavors of jars of baby food that were missing their labels.  Then, as the guests of honor, Eric and I had to taste test each one to confirm the flavors...scary!  :)  HaHa.  Here's Eric doing some tasting.

We had a light lunch of yummy appetizers and fruit.  Perfect for a hot summer day.  The cake was made by a church member who owns her own bakery.  TOTALLY ADORABLE, and tasted even better than  it looked.  Take a look at the cute creation.  

We are so blessed to have such generous friends.  We received a bunch of great gifts to help us get the nursery started.  I got my Bobby - yeah!  We also got several blankets, our infant carrier (the kind that lets you "wear" the baby around), some cute rattles and toys, books, gift cards, the humidifier, and several other cute stuff.  I'm so lucky to be part of such a wonderful church family AND staff. 

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LaFamiliaJimenez said...

Teresa you look beautiful! Glad you have great friends and coworkers and that they gave you such a wonderful shower. Trust me, the next 13 weeks are going to fly by, even if it doesnt feel like it some days! Say hello to Eric for us.

Love, Nikki