Monday, April 6, 2009

Poor Kid

Emma went to the doctor today for her routine 6 month check up. Good news is, she is up to 25 inches long and 15lbs 12oz and the doctor was very pleased with her progress and said all looks great. All, that is, except her ears which were both INFECTED! We were absolutely shocked. She didn't have any symptoms and had not been extra fussy or anything. Poor kid.

To top that, she got three shots and is dealing with her first case of diaper rash (thanks to a little bit of diarrhea that might have something to do with the ear infections). She was about as pitiful as one kid can get tonight. I think it was the shots mostly, which gave her a low grade fever. The same thing happened with her last round of shots. I feel funny saying so, but the up side to her not feeling well is that the cuteness factor is HIGH! She cuddles so close, nuzzles into your neck...and tonight she nearly fell asleep on her changing pad while we got her ready for bed. Usually she fights getting dressed for bed because she's so ready for her bottle. Poor, poor kid.

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